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This project was interesting because the Planning Application was started pre-Covid, and was 150 miles away from our base in Cheltenham. However this didn't stop the project being delivered within budget and ahead of programme. We would like to suggest it is an excellent example of utilising an Architect experienced in not only the fine detail of sensitive sites but very experienced in the delivery of construction projects.

The house had a very small rather poky kitchen and more space was required. We opened the existing kitchen up and expanded into the gap between the old log shed and house creating a double sided didning and leisure space with a courtyard, and a roof terrace on the roof of the extension. We also re-wired, re-plumbed, and added two new bathrooms. We were selected as the house was in the South Downs National Park and Area of Outstanding National Beauty and our reputation for delivery. The Client was on a very tight budget and could not afford any overuns.

A local contractor was selected using a full and comprehensive package of information, on the basis we would be able to secure a robust Design and Build fixed price. Whether there was a lock down or not we visited the site once at the start to meet the Client (pre-Covid) and returned 4 months after construction commenced to snag the works and sign the Practical Completion Certificate. All site meetings and issues were dealt with using FaceTime.

It was suggested the Client take a rental property for six months and leave Architect and Builder to get on with it. The Client was able to return four months after the start to an immaculately finished property and was able to use the remainder of the unused contingency for some additional goodies.

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