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Historic Building Report and the Resilience of Timber Frame

You may have walked passed Horsham Old Court and have been forgiven for not noticing it as it was so over grown. Our Historic Building Investigation and subsequent report suggested that it was far more significant than first impressions. A 'Court' was a Herefordshire term for place where the feudal lord presided over a jurisdiction, and the extent of the building was far greater than initially met the eye.

The style of the remaining building suggested it was a mere 'wing' and the chimney breast gave a narrative to its history:

What was once a single hall dwelling was actually part of a much greater and grander house, or in this instance; a Court.

Having extensively researched the history of the site and the building it was shown that a much larger structure was once on the site and Permission was achieved to re-instate a significant part of it.

As part of the process the the existing structure had to be conserved.

Oak is far more resilient than meets the eye and if it is 'still capable of doing work' than it can be 'conserved'. A full survey of all the timbers was undertaken and additional timber and joints were specified and detailed.

The first step is to ensure that the building does not deteriorate any further.

A frosty Christmas at Horsham Old Court

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